Nice but Tardy

She was a highly motivated and very personable new agent. With a history of telephone sales and customer service, she was a natural to sell real estate. Like many new agents, she lacked the confidence needed for success. She attended new agent training but was frequently a little late. As it turned out she was tardy for almost everything she did.


She was a spiritual person that attended bible study frequently, and almost always a little late. Her frustrations caused her to lean into me for advice. She had a desire to learn everything real estate. She was a single mom and naturally passionate to be a great mom. This further added to her high likelihood of success. She wanted to explore commercial real estate and early on she was exposed to a commercial lead.


We worked together to build her confidence, she captured the lead, sold it and then another. She had difficulty with defining a plan and committing to that plan and being on time. I suggested that she test herself by doing 7 open houses in a row without skipping a single day. She tried for several weeks finally completing five.

She repeated doing open houses and focusing on the fact that it only takes one to say yes. These open houses eventually began to prime her pump as we say and with a new level of confidence, she began to thrive.

Her pastor had made the same observations I had regarding her propensity for being late or to follow a plan. Once she heard both of us say it, I think it was all she needed to commit to change. It was her determination and tenacity that made her the successful and awesome agent she is today. It also helped that everyone loved her.

Simple concepts and basic changes.

Lawyer makes


Wanting to make a change, this agent who was also a successful lawyer thought she had a passion for real estate. She knew the law and the rules of contracts and was certainly not lacking confidence in business or as a lawyer. Her primary challenge was, that her ethics were extremely high,  she worried about any appearance of impropriety particularly if she found she was about to secure business from her legal peers.

I assured her that by sticking to the rules (which she was already very adept at), she would not have any problems and that her experience and knowledge of the law would be a tremendous asset.

She had extensive knowledge of probate law. This knowledge made her a perfect match for probate involved real estate transactions. She was at first a little apprehensive about soliciting business from her peers, However, those same peers soon assured her that there was no better person than her to manage their clients  They understood her high level of integrity and never questioned her capacity to hold herself to the highest ethical standards.

It was not long before she was taking on almost all referral business, mostly, from her legal colleagues. The lessons learned from these complex and unique probate situations exposed her to situations most agents would not see for years.

We were able to brainstorm together early on, not just with transaction advise, but with how to deal with personal property in transactions, and the unusual things that come with estate close-outs. Cash, guns, vehicles and more were left at properties that needed to be dealt with. In just a short period of time, she could walk into a property and be able to put a family at ease with complete confidence and her big-picture capabilities.

Experience and skill sets are often transferable.

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